Light alloy 4.4 (final)

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May 1, 2017

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Even the elegant and luxury car such as ŠKODA Superb can acquire a more sports-like style. Composed of five thin triple stokes, the Sirius alloy wheels serve this purpose very well. Apart from the visual side, they positively influence the driving properties. They also contribute to a better sense of driving thanks to the reduction of unsprung weight. Like the other alloy wheels the Sirius wheels have passed
rigorous homologation tests of ŠKODA AUTO to test their resistence to corrosion, climatic influences and driving strain. The Sirius wheels are made of an alloy of aluminium and a few other light metals. In the final phase, the wheels are coated with a layer of extremely hard, heatresistant paint that protects the surface of the wheels very effectively. It is recommended to clean these wheels exclusively using gels intended for this purpose so that the surface or the Anthracite Metallic finish do not get damaged. The possibility of using these wheels for a specific car needs to be verified in its main registration card.

Products details:

Wheel dimensions: 8J x 19" ET 44
Number of bolts: 5
Colour: Anthracite Metallic
Material: Light metal alloy
Weight: 14,9 kg
Packing: Alloy  wheel  including  the ŠKODA central cover

Designed for cars:
Superb III  (produced from 2015 to the present) with 235/40 R19 tyres

Please verify the suitability of these wheels for your car in the large Registration book.
Bolts are not included in pack

Reduced prices is valid to September 30th., 2017 or to sell out of specified stocks.

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