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April 29, 2017

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Originally Posted by smokey58 View Post

For example: for the Facebook module....$497 for a done for you package minus the advertisements. If you really want to get detailed there is a $4995 up sell for a 12 week coaching program. The program originator, John Crestani, also recommends you purchase $600/month of marketing tools through his affiliate link.

There is also a gold precious metals website theme available for the price of $1000. This will be for Regal Assets in which Kelly Felix is the affiliate manager.

Last but not least, Matt Trainer has a system for $2475 in which they teach you how to flip a website for top dollar. Included is $1000 off their live seminar held next year in San Diego, California.

I purchased the RJ program plus the $497 Facebook module upsell...and promptly received a refund.

After receiving my refund confirmation email, I received a nasty email from Kelly Felix who is the original RJ, and is now the launch manager for the new RJ. he claimed that I was a "serial refunder," and would never go anywhere in my life with my attitude. He also sent a carbon copy to his marketing staff...I was blacklisted.

I was a member of Kelly Felix's Bring The Fresh program for six years. I was also blacklisted on that. Emails go unanswered.

I'm sorry. My scam meter is pegged out.

Bernie Bellew (aka smokey58) you are a funny guy.

Firstly, you have purchased EVERY product I've ever been involved with... and refunded each one. Serial refunder? Yup.

Secondly, you have over a dozen complaints on our forums, causing other members to notify me of your actions. Belittling folks, name-calling, and overall negative behavior. I can't count the number of your posts/threads that the mods have deleted. Banned from multiple forums? Yup.

Thirdly, you have sent multiple borderline psychotic emails to me personally as well as my staff. Repeatedly making threats. Even stooping so low as to berate my family members - speaking about my ex-wife, my in-laws. Disgusting behavior? Yup.

You cc'd me on an email to John Crestani, where you touted his training as great material, and you were excited to finally stop dwelling on your poor life and finally make a change.

Furthermore, if you contacted John Crestani for some sort of $4995 coaching program, that is your own deal, and completely separate from Rich Jerk. RJ does not offer any sort of coaching program. For you to say we charge $4995 is ludicrous. I don't sell any product near that amount.

Also, you mention I am the affiliate manager for Regal Assets. Wrong again. I am an AFFILIATE of Regal Assets. There's a big difference between being an affiliate of a company and an "affiliate manager".

You also mention that Matt Trainer has a $2475 program inside Rich Jerk. I don't know where you got this number either. Matt teaches a BONUS video series inside RJ on how he made 7 figures playing blackjack. The videos are 100% FREE. I have no idea where you think he charges $2475 for a free video series.

Lastly, you stated that you received a refund, yet your "scam meter" is on high alert. Why on earth do you continue to purchase my products for over 10 years if I am scamming you every time? And how is it a scam when you openly admitted that you received a refund?

YOU are the one running a scam. The customer is not always right. Sometimes the customer is nothing more than a loser who will never amount to anything until he accepts the fact that his lack of success in life lies solely on himself. Then and only then can real change be made.