Vlc media player 2 3 1 final updated windows

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November 21, 2016

Download Vlc media player 2 3 1 final updated windows

Geoffrey Métais: DiffUtil off the UI thread

DiffUtil steps Threading Skip queued updates Code factorization As stated in the previous post, we do process all DiffUtil.DiffResult calculations in main thread to preserve adapter state consistency. But in VLC, we have to de[...]

Geoffrey Métais: Recyclerview++ with DiffUtil

DiffUtil is an AppCompat utility class developed to ease Recyclerview updates. You just pass it the new dataset and current one and it automagically handles all the notifyItemRange events to provide cool RecyclerView animations or subtle [...]

Geoffrey Métais: Announcing VLC 2.1 beta release!

Not so much activity on Play Store since v2.0.6 release. I’ve been quite busy but VLC keeps going on with very interesting evolutions! This post will only deal with features, not their implementation. I will later publish other posts, mo[...]

Geoffrey Métais: Tips for VLC

Here are some hidden features of VLC on Android. Tips Play video on your Chromecast STOP playback service Repeat video Reorder media in current playlist Load last playlist Next/previous by swipe Video player bindings [...]

[geoffreymetais] New tip: Watch your video from Android to your TV via Chromecast https://t.co/hU2gZrYR75

[videolan] Last couple of hours to register for @gsoc with @videolan to work on VLC & Co this summer! https://t.co/jOaRmBgE3j

[gsoc] Hello, students! Friendly reminder, applications for #GSoC 2017 close soon -- on April 3 at 16:00 UTC. https://t.co/N9o8bua18k

[fsf] #DialUp the Web's inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, to demand he protect security and rights from #DRM. +1 (617) 253-5702… https://t.co/DpcnTZa6Iq

[videolan] Students, a few days remain to summit your @gsoc application! Work VLC during the summer, paid by Google! https://t.co/s56vew2SVB