The ragtime kid: a ragtime mystery (ragtime mystery trilogy)

Editors' review

March 23, 2016

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Larry Karp grew up in Paterson, NJ and New York City. He practiced perinatal medicine (high-risk pregnancy care) and wrote general nonfiction books and articles for 25 years; then, in 1995, he left medical work to begin a second career, writing mystery novels. The backgrounds and settings of Larry's mysteries reflect many of his interests, including antique music boxes, medical ethics, and, of course, ragtime.

To write his ragtime historical trilogy (The Ragtime Kid, The King of Ragtime, The Ragtime Fool), Larry did a good deal of on-site, on-line, and library research, and developed a particular interest in Brun Campbell, "The Ragtime Kid." Brun became the protagonist of the first and third books of Larry's trilogy. After interviewing Brun's daughter, Patricia, and then acquiring an extensive collection of Brun's writings, musical compositions, photos, business records, and personal effects from another source, Larry has begun to work the material into an historical biography of The Ragtime Kid.

Other mystery novels by Larry Karp include A Perilous Conception, First Do No Harm, The Midnight Special, Scamming the Birdman, and The Music Box Murders.

Larry's books have appeared on the Los Angeles Times and Seattle Times Fiction Best-Seller Lists.